How Admission Software Streamlines a College’s Admission Process

Many colleges still follow a manual process when it comes to student admission and enrolment. The admission period is a vital and inevitable part of every academic year. It calls for co-ordination between different departments, educators and office administrators. Handling large volumes of data makes it an even more complicated task. An online admission management system will streamline the whole process, reduce time and staff workload and the data can help build an intelligence driven admission procedure.

Does your institution require an admission management system? These benefits can only make the advantages stand out at every phase of the admission process.

Pre-admission Phase

The advantage starts from the pre-admission phase. At this stage, students are showing interest in a number of colleges of their choice. In a manual process, a college would print out numerous brochures and application forms. This is a tedious task as it requires involvement of outside agencies in designing and printing. It also means a recurring cost every year.

An online admission management system eliminates this manual effort in one stroke. All it requires is to switch on the admission module during the admission season. Students can download the brochure from the college website. The applications can be filled online and scanned documents like marksheets can be uploaded along with the application.

In the 2019 counselling for engineering college admissions, only 69 of the 250 colleges could fill 50% of available seats – A Times of India Report. Art and science colleges have a different problem. The demand for seats is high but colleges want to attract the brightest young minds. An online admission management system can have an added lead management module to nurture interested students. It can trigger a set of activities and personalized emails to interested students to convert these leads.

Admission Phase

Colleges are seeing a growing phenomenon – student applications from other parts of the state and even from other states is increasing. Foreign students are also looking towards India for admissions. With student admissions no longer being local, it becomes even more important to have an online admission management system.

Online applications eliminate manual data entry and a centralized admission platform allows only stakeholders to easily log in and access the information. A centralized database also means that real-time, error-free information is guaranteed. Different departments can easily streamline the admission process. This is particularly important when it comes to multi-course applications. Colleges that have implemented an admission management software have found that their admission process has been reduced to just a few days rather than upwards of 30 days that an elongated manual process entails.

Post Admission Phase

Once students are shortlisted in the admission process, merit lists can be immediately displayed on the website and automated emails sent to eligible students. This then transitions into acceptance from students and online fee payment. Most colleges have integrated an online fee payment module into their admission management system. Online fee payment does away with long queues or time restrictions as students can pay their fees at any point and time within the due date. It makes it easy for schools to manage fee payment ,automatic invoice generation and accounts reconciliation is all at a tap of a button. Technology ensures that reports are never delayed and can be configured easily for important insights.

Since student data is stored securely in a centralized database, this means that multiple entries do not have to be made. The student profile created in the Admission Management system integrates into the Student Information System and a single student profile is created that contains all information that can be accessed and updated by all other boards such as library, hostel and transport management.

Operations included in the Admission Management System

  •  College prospectus sale
  •  Student registration
  • Merit list and admissions
  • Fees collected for admissions, and examinations
  • Fee receipt cancellation
  •  Admission cancellation and fee refund

Reports generated by the Admission Software

  • A dashboard to get complete status of online application forms.
  •  Count of application as per program type, category of application, state/city etc.
  • A day to day summary of progress of admissions
  • Daily fee collection
  • Bank-wise collection report
  • Outstanding fee register
  •  Admission cancellation report
  •  Admission position report
  • And more customizable reports

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