Creating a Centralized Data Hub for a Premier Educational Group of Institutions


Our client is a premier educational group with over 20 institutions, including engineering institutions, medical colleges, management schools and schools with a student strength in excess of 20,000. They came to us because of the several challenges they faced of a complex data ecosystem and huge operational costs.

The client chose iTech India as their partner of choice because of our experience and domain expertise along with a track record for digitally transforming organizations in the education sector.

The Challenge

  • Highly manual process operations with no automation resulting in many blind spots.
  • There was no transparency in the admissions process.
  • They were also facing the issue of collection of cash fees of thousands of students and generating fees related reports with no single source of truth.
  • Multiple systems which lead to multiple points of failure.
  • No method to ensure a bridge in communication between the institution and the parents.
  • The need to provide self-service access to students and faculty.

The Solution

iTech India started this engagement through a consulting phase to understand the business challenges and the desired expectations. We came up with a rapid prototyping to ensure that the potential solution aligned with the stakeholder’s growth vision. We then proceeded towards conceptualizing and architecting a highly scalable custom ERP platform that was named Edumate.
  • Implemented a centralized Online Admission system making it easier to monitor admissions from anywhere.
  • The CRM is capable to manage the online applications load from prospective students and its enhanced technical process aids quick selection and publishing of merit list based on criteria.
  • Made possible instant payments throughout the academic year with Edumate Cashless Facility.
  • Created digitalized profiles for each student and made a paperless attendance system.
  • Provided parents the ability to keep track of academic progress.
  • Created a mentoring model for faculty-student facilitation
  • Our online scholarship management system eliminates stacks of paper applications, automatically connecting students to the relevant scholarships.
  • The hostel management module and library management module provided seamless multi-level interactions.
  • A complete reporting structure that generates visual based reports for quick comprehension and forward action.

The Benefit

  • With EDUMATE ERP, processes, departments and functions became automated and streamlined, leading to enhanced productivity, transparency and control which finally translates to higher overall efficiency.
  • A centralized Online Admission System across all 20 institutions created a platform to change traditional way of admission procedures, doing away with time consuming queues.
  • Our automated system ensures standardized and effective institution processes, reduced costs & effort, greater accountability & faster decision making.
  • Over time, the increased efficiency results resulted in superior brand differentiation and enhanced quality perception for the institution.
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