Edonline – Online Exam Solution

Edonline – Online Exam Solution


Our Client

Vetrii IAS Study Circle is a top ranked competitive exam coaching institution in South India. An ISO 9001: 2015 institution it has come a long way since it started in 2011. The Institute pride themselves on their “Dream Team” faculty, precision delivery of coaching material and a unique mentoring program. They have a proven track record in the south with many of their students coming out successful in the different competitive exams.

The Problem

The coaching institute had made big gains in their reputation through coaching provided at their centres. They even coordinated on hostel facilities for out of-station students. However, they wanted to expand their base not just in the south but all over India. The logistics for this would be different as they wanted to reach out to more students through an online program. Their primary issues were
  • They wanted to build a Pan-India brand.
  • They were used to manual processes and extending to other centres would put a financial and logistics burden.
  • They found it hard to accommodate all applicants at their existing centres with their existing carefully selected faculty.

The Solution

iTech Engineers had in-depth discussions with Vetrii IAS study Circle Management to understand what they needed to move a part of their operations online. iTech already had a popular Online Test Management Solution that was adopted by educational institutions. Vetrii, though needed a number of customized features to make the solution fit their needs.

Admin & Faculty

  • We created a comprehensive online test platform served on the cloud. This ensured speed as well as cost-effectiveness.
  • We built separate program modules for the different competitive exams such as UPSC and TNPSC
  • Provided role-based admin logins for management and faculty
  • An easy to use drag-and-drop admin interface to handle all administrative features
  • Automatic upload of previous question papers as well as ability to build tests from scratch with no constraints on question type.
  • SMS and Email Notifications for faster communication and tracking
  • Automated processing of results since the manual process was time-consuming
  • Advanced data analytics through visual reporting
  • Scalability to add on new features and speed and capacity to handle any number of students online at a time.

For Students/Aspirants

  • Complete online automation from registration, fee payment to module access as per course and time-frames.
  • Referral options with discounts.
  • Intuitive exam interface makes it easy for students to time their tests as well as pause and resume.
  • Performance ranking with test score reports.
  • Easy access to coaching material and Q&A discussion videos.

The Verdict

Vetrii IAS Study circle launched their online Test solution for competitive exams in February 2019. Early success is visible in the more than 1000 online registrations and payments that the coaching institute was able to achieve in the first 3 months. First impression is always the most lasting impression and Vetrii’s online competitive exam preparation has positioned it as a pro-technology coaching institution. Now armed with a brand-new way of reaching test aspirants, the institute is looking at new features to aid their students.
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