Benefits of Facial Recognition Applications for Your Business

Facial recognition software has already found extensive applications in security, but the technology is now slowly but surely making its way into the business world as well. Ever since its inception, facial recognition technology has been the subject of numerous debates around privacy and ethics, however, it’s undeniable that the technology also offers several major advantages. The advent of face matching software promises to revolutionize business as we know it. Here’s why businesses should consider adopting facial recognition applications.

What is facial recognition software?

Facial recognition is a form of machine learning where software processes complex algorithms around a person’s facial features and matches them to an existing identity in a database. It works similar to biometric recognition software like fingerprint recognition or iris recognition. Facial recognition is, however, more advanced than other types of software.

The software is capable of identifying various aspects of a person’s face, like their nose, eyes chin and cheeks and then mapping them in relation to each other. The unique aspects of our features which make each one of us look different are taken into account by the software so it can identify us. The accuracy of the best facial recognition software lies in the strength of the database. The bigger the database, the more likely it is that the software can successfully identify an individual.

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Advantages of facial recognition software in business

 1. More advanced security features

Recently, cybercrime has been on the rise, forcing many companies to improve their cybersecurity measures. One of the most common ways of protecting sensitive data from a cyber attack is by using complex passwords that can prevent a hacker from deciphering it and gaining access to a system. But even the strongest of passwords are still vulnerable to threats.

Facial recognition applications, on the other hand, are a much more secure alternative. Not only are they simple to use, in that a user doesn’t have to remember their passwords, but they are almost impossible to hack. Only the user whose face has been authorized to log into a system can gain access to it. This makes facial recognition technology extremely important for businesses which either deal directly with large volumes of sensitive data or are gatekeepers to private data.

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2. Faster payment options

While this application of facial recognition technology is still in the exploratory phase, it undoubtedly has the potential to completely revolutionize payment systems, particularly in the e-commerce sector. Some websites are experimenting with the best facial recognition software for faster checkouts and greater user convenience.

Rather than entering their card details or e-wallet details, payment gateways can simply use an individual’s facial features to successfully complete a transaction. This can also prevent theft or misuse of information like card details or account details. Since a payment can only successfully go through if the registered individual initiates it, the chance of fraudulent transactions is virtually eliminated.

3. Greater user convenience in retail

E-commerce websites might have exploded in the last decade, but that doesn’t mean offline purchases in brick-and-mortar stores are obsolete just yet. A common trend that has become evident is that many consumers use the internet for research, but often make their final purchase at a physical store. This is especially true for big-ticket items that require a significant investment, such as a mobile phone or television.

Facial recognition technology could be exactly what offline retail stores need in order to gain an edge over their online counterparts. One of the main reasons why online stores are doing well is that they offer a more personalized experience to a user based on their previous search history and orders. Through facial recognition apps, retail stores can also recognize customers walking in and immediately pull up their past purchases in order to show them relevant new products that have arrived or special offers. This can encourage shoppers to explore more products and make a final purchase.

Face matching software is also showing potential in helping stores prevent cases of shoplifting. The software can identify an individual with a previous history of shoplifting and flag them off to a retail store worker who can keep a close eye on them. While there are still ongoing issues with misidentification that prevent face recognition software from being used for this purpose right now, as the software becomes more advanced, we can expect it to be used to prevent theft.

4. Monitoring employee productivity

The best facial recognition software can potentially replace other forms of biometric tracking like fingerprint scanning in the workplace as they offer several advantages. The greatest case for using facial recognition software to track ‘in’ and ‘out’ times of employees is the sheer convenience. Employees do not have to scan their fingerprints or ID cards to clock hours, the system will automatically identify when they come in and leave and log their hours accordingly.

The second advantage is that facial recognition software virtually eliminates the risk of incorrect entries. With fingerprint scanners, for instance, there are many times when employees leave in groups and do not individually scan their fingerprints. In the case of ID cards, the cards can simply be shared with someone else to scan it at certain times. Facial recognition software, on the other hand, will accurately track an employee’s working hours and can help you manage the productivity of your company as a whole.

5. Greater accessibility for the differently-able

Many traditional forms of biometric software can be challenging for differently-abled people, specifically for the visually challenged. This can affect their access to their places of work or entertainment. Face matching software can remove many of these obstacles, making places more inclusive for all. Since the software doesn’t require an individual to physically locate the sensor, it can vastly improve convenience for the differently-abled.

Due to the many advantages that facial recognition software offers to businesses, its use is only going to become more widespread with time. Utilizing this software early on can help your business gain a competitive edge.

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