Our 20 years of expertise, ensure you highly scalable,
affordable & secure web apps

iTech is based in Dallas with our development center in India. This ensures you a cost-effective solution and a dedicated team of technology and support specialists with a no-hassle integration with your existing systems and infrastructureOur custom web application development solutions include building SaaS platforms, smart analytical dashboards, enterprise web-based app development, and any other application served over the web. We have developed numerous first-of-its-kind software solutions as well as customizing and upgraded existing systems for our clients in all parts of the US.

Whether you're ready to begin your project or just evaluating, give us a call. We'll help you figure out the best option or solution that works for you!

Our Web Application Development Services In USA

iTech’s software engineering team specializes in a variety of coding languages including  Python (build more functions with fewer lines of code) or MeteorJS, a full stack framework (written using Node.js) which is popular for rapid prototyping and cross-platform code (iOS, Android, web). 

Our database administrators can also upgrade your databases from older versions to leverage new technologies, such as MongoDB (NoSQL) or PostgreSQL. Our Application Modernization Services can migrate your legacy monolithic application architectures to a microservices architecture, where each app service is created individually and deployed independently.

Your Right-fit Custom Web Application Development Company

We build all types of web apps tailored to your specific needs

Enterprise web app development

Since 2003 we have built hundreds of custom digital solutions for US businesses. Enterprise web applications manage the collaboration and business processes that are both internal and external to your company, completing tasks in less time. Our tailor-made solutions are deployed in the cloud, secure and data-centered.

SaaS Development

We have built secure and scalable SaaS applications for our partners in healthcare, HR, sports, legal and other sectors.

Operational / Functional

These are dynamic web apps with APIs and are built for improving productivity on a specific function such as Invoice management, custom ordering etc.