Almost every business process can be automated end-to-end. There are 3 things iTech’s AI services can do for your company – Automating complex but routine tasks to enhance business processes, gaining insights through data, and improving customer interactions.

What you get with iTech: Our team brings together industry-leading AI technologies and frameworks and powers them with business acumen to create tailored solutions to solve your unique business challenges.

We estimate, that we enable our clients to reduce operational costs by
more than 30 percent within five years.
-Navin Kumar Parthiban, Director, iTech​

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Our cross-industry expertise delivers
market-changing AI solutions

We are proud of the fact that the majority of our new business comes from recommendations. This comes from a long track record of exceeding our client’s expectations. We have developed a comprehensive portfolio of industry expertise over 19 years of working with global companies, many of them in the Fortune 500. 

As an AI development company, we have integrated intelligent automation when our client’s projects required it. Here are a few use cases, though our industry expertise is wide-ranging.

AI in Healthcare

Our EHR product – RehabONE – have automated workflows such as AI-powered clinical documentation using NLP-powered tools that integrate with the EHR system. This easily converts case notes into data.